10 Things That Happen to You When You Smoke Weed Long Term

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If you are smoking more than 2 grammes of Cannabis daily with a THC content higher than 6%, this is what you can look forward to.

  1. Your vocabulary will start reflecting the age you started smoking weed at. For example, if you started smoking Cannabis at fourteen years of age, your vocabulary will not evolve and you will come across as very immature to people you try to communicate with. You will find difficulty in finding the right words to express yourself. The ability to think abstractly or to engage in linear thinking will gradually disappear.This will lead to not being able to understand what people are saying, which in turn will increase feelings of being misunderstood and loneliness.
  2. Being able to think logically and solve problems, correct mistakes and crucially thinking before answering questions will go the more you engage in heavy, daily smoking of weed.This brings on magnified feelings of being inadequate and unsuccessful.
  3. Psychomobility (flexibility of thought ), your ability to hold attention and focus when speaking to other people will fade.You will start constantly change your opinion because chronic cannabis consumption changes your mental capability in problem-solving, leading to increased feelings of being misunderstood.
  4. Your memory, working and short-term will diminish fast if you are smoking over 2 grammes of cannabis per day.Forgetting meetings and remembering to remember important tasks will go.Also,your concept of time will distort, meaning what you thought was a long period of time was actually only a matter of minutes.This causes massive impatience and agitation.
  5. Analytical Synthetic Ability.This stands for your ability to form point so view and to know what your morals and points of view are.You fail to see the bigger picture or be able to sort out information.This leads to you believe you are different and unique.
  6. Psychospatial Ability, meaning to be able to exist and operate in time and time or able to distinguish the correct date and time of year.You will find difficulty in maintaining a routine and forget your social position in your peer group and beyond.Your structure of living day to day goes causing you to feel you don’t fit into society.
  7. Gestalt memory goes as you continue to smoke cannabis heavily.This attacks your sense of direction and being able to comprehend what you see.It also affects the ability to put a name to a face and your actual social relationships with them.This, in turn, makes you feel you live in your own little world.
  8. As your cannabis consumption increases, your resistance builds and as a direct result, your personality actually fades away! You become a shadow of your former self.Unable to question or engage in critical thinking in regard to your more increasing erratic behaviour.You can’t reason or solve problems and critically your psychology stops growing. Hence, if you as a teenager start smoking weed heavily or weed with a high THC content, your personality freezes in line, so as a  forty-year-old you act and behave as a teenager, I know of many people in my life who are like this.No responsibility, ambition, living back at their parents, getting stoned, not wanting to work and just lie about listening to music which interestingly enough is from the 1970’s and 1980’s.They are living in their own little time capsule all caused by daily, chronic cannabis consumption.
  9. Cannabis magnifies negative feelings which are compounded by the lack of concrete feelings which in time turns into acute anxiety and panic attacks and also feelings of loneliness, boredom and detachment. The only solution they chronic cannabis user thinks is available to them is to smoke more weed to stop or mask the unwanted feelings.The hope is for the disappear,ut they don’t. , therefore reinforcing the need to smoke more.
  10. Ultimately this leads to you forming a new identity, one of a chronic user, a stoner in effect.This is a constant process meaning the more and longer you use cannabis, the stronger your new identity becomes. You literally become a different person, unable to relate to your past …or present. Finally, because short term and long term memory are acutely affected, lack of flexibility in your thinking leads to being only to remember times when you were stoned.Little is stored in your long-term memory .when you try to remember times from your past, it all becomes fragmented, which in turn affects your sense of identity and who you fundamentally are.