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Coming off of Snus | Tales From the Therapy Room

Following on from my last blog post about the effects of Snus. I wanted to follow it up with another video documenting my insights on how Snus addiction can be incredibly pervaisive and disruptive in people’s lives. With 17 years of experience in treating addictions, I decided to make this video just to highlight that […]

The Effects of Snus | Tales from the Therapy Room

Since more and more clients have been coming to see me to get help with their addiction to Snus, this week, I thought I would post a quick video sharing my professional insights and my understanding of what snus is, how it effects you (physically and mentally) as well as some ideas as to how […]

Introducing the Opening of My New Practice…

For the last 17 years I have been worked with literally 1000’s of people face to face, helping them to overcome addictions, acute stress and loss of confidence. For the duration of that time, as many of you know, I have been operating out of my Edinburgh based practice Beautiful Mind. Working with clients one on […]

The Power of Self Hypnosis for Results

This technique is so simple that it is basically impossible to do it wrong. All you need is some time where you wont be disturbed and you can start to practice going in and out of self-hypnosis and ‘re-programming’ your mind for the results that you are after. No matter which teacher of hypnosis you […]

11 Tips to Help With Emotional Eating

Is this You? When you are stressed, angry or depressed, food can become a source of comfort. Maybe you start with a light snack but turns into a 3000 calorie binge. You begin to question your will power and self doubt creeps in. Your best plan for eating healthy goes out the door assuming you […]

How To Quit Snus With These 3 ‘Hacks’

Coming Off of Snus by Yourself? This article outlines some of the suggested steps that one of my clients took on his own time, during the few weeks that we were working together, in order to help him get off of snus as fast as possible. I want to point out that helping a person […]

Is Snus Bad for You?

In the same way that alcohol addiction is bad for your liver and smoking addiction is detrimental to your respiratory system, snus— like chewing tobacco— can lead to mouth cancer and other oral health problems. If snus addiction has become a problem for you then read the blog below written by one of the UK’s […]

Snus Addiction: What it is and Everything You Need to Know

My First Snus Client It was 4 months ago that I had my first client come to me about his addiction to Snus (pronounced snooze), a form of strong tobacco that is contained inside small perforated pouches and taken orally by placing it under the top or bottom lip. He was just a young guy […]

Free 30 Minute Consultation Open To Anyone

I am currently offering a free 30 minute consult to anyone interested in finding out more about the my changework techniques– or even just to chat about your life situation! How this works is you simply select a date and time that suit you best, add your name, email and phone number (in the field titled […]