Free 30 Minute Consultation Open To Anyone

free hypnosis session

I am currently offering a free 30 minute consult to anyone interested in finding out more about the my changework techniques– or even just to chat about your life situation! How this works is you simply select a date and time that suit you best, add your name, email and phone number (in the field titled ‘message’) and I will call you at the agreed appointment time.

There will be no pressure and no up-sell (with my 17 year background in NLP and Hypnosis I have unfortunately seen far too much of the manipulative trickery and hard sell tactics at use in the professional world!).

Typically in these phone consults we will share our stories, I will find out how I can help you and then do my best to make as much progress as possible with your goals or challenges in the time that we have together. While I obviously cannot guarantee the outcomes that you are looking for in just a 30 minute call; I will be able to explain why previous attempts at change do not work and how you can start applying some of my techniques and methods today in order to start getting control over your life. I will typically answer what questions people have about me and how I can help.

I work with 100’s of individuals a year over the phone so– while there is no rush– I like ask questions and to work swiftly in order to find out what is stopping you from reaching your goals

I look forward to speaking with you. All the best!