The Power of Self Hypnosis for Results

self hypnosis

This technique is so simple that it is basically impossible to do it wrong. All you need is some time where you wont be disturbed and you can start to practice going in and out of self-hypnosis and ‘re-programming’ your mind for the results that you are after.

No matter which teacher of hypnosis you go to, they will say things that contradict one another. They will always disagree with one another. But one thing that they will almost always agree on is that ‘The Betty Erickson Technique’ works consistently.

This is what I am going to teach you today. Click the video below to get started.


I love this technique because it is so easy to teach, so easy to learn and gets great results. This technique can also just be used by people who want a way to relax their whole body, turn off the chatter in their mind or who have insomnia and need a way to get off to sleep.

I recommend to all of my clients, who want to start using hypnosis in a more direct way to affect their unconscious mind and get the results they are after, that they start practicing this technique so that they can get better and better at going in and out of hypnosis and understanding the dynamics of their own mind better.

While this technique is not a substitute for correct counselling, nor will it likely yield the same high-caliber results that are possible with a trained performance coach or therapist, it is an easy and effective technique to play around with on your own to get noticeable results.

Wishing you all the best

– Andy D. MacArthur


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